Cuauhtémoc Blanco criticized Santiago Solari’s approach to Pumas

The governor of Morelos asks the Eagles to “get on their feet” on Saturday in the return match

MEXICO — Cuauhtémoc White, symbol of America, criticized the approach of the Eagles in the first leg of the quarterfinals against Cougars, match that concluded with a goalless draw on the field of the Olympic University Stadium.

The now governor of Morelos blamed the lack of goals on the coach’s proposal Santiago Solari. White considered that the feathered team’s game was bad, but so was the game they played Monterrey and Atlas.

“I think it was bad, the two games were the same, the Liguilla was very bad. It has a lot to do with the coach’s approach, “he said. Cuauhtémoc.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco asked America to “get on the job” in the second leg at the Azteca Stadium, since he could be surprised by the feline team, as he considered that the Pedregal team had a better first game than the azulcrema team.

“Hopefully the local batteries are put. Pumas played well, as well as Atlas played well and we have to admit it ”, he declared.

Finally, Cuauhtémoc Blanco asserted that America must change its approach and be offensive in the second leg next Saturday.

“It will be a complicated game, because Cougars will seek to attack the America and they must go offensive to look for the first goal, because if it is not going to complicate to him ”, he asserted.


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