Black Friday arrives with these bargains on Xiaomi products

If you want to avoid constantly searching among the many offers that exist for Black Friday, we want to make things as easy as possible for you by showing you some discounts that are the most striking and that allow you to get some of the best Xiaomi products. at a price never seen. In addition, purchases can be made with excellent reliability and you will not have to wait long to receive the product, since the shipment is made directly from Spain -and, therefore, in few days you will have your purchase at home.

Get the Xiaomi Redmi 9A at the best price

This is an entry-level phone that does not lack several virtues that make it a more interesting purchase option. A clear example of what we are saying is that it has a battery of nothing less than 5,000 mAh which ensures excellent autonomy. This is also accompanied by a fairly large screen of 6, 53 inches and connectivity that is quite good, since among other things it has Bluetooth 5.0 and, of course, it has GPS.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A Phone

Other options that are important to know have to do with the main hardware, where you will find a processor of eight cores from MediaTek that is perfectly combined with a RAM that can reach up to 6 GB. If we add to this the possibility of increasing its storage capacity by using microSD cards and weighing only 196 grams, it is clear that we are talking about a fairly solvent phone. You can get this device with a big discount paying only 70.59 euros if you use the code BFZBANX9.

Do not miss the offer for the POCO F3 5G

If your needs are greater, I want them covered by the aforementioned phone, you can opt for this one that also has an excellent offer that places it at its all-time low. Its power is greater, since we are talking about a device that has a processor Snapdragon 870 and a RAM that can reach 8 GB. In addition, it also provides access to networks 5G that will allow you to navigate at the highest possible speed that currently exists if your data rate is compatible. Its AMOLED screen also offers a very good quality, since its resolution is Full HD for dimensions of 6.67 inch (and has Gorilla Glass protection).

Get the POCO F3 5G

Its camera is quite advanced since it has three sensors, the main one being 48 MP. In addition, it is also perfectly equipped in the autonomy section, since its battery is of 4,520 mAh and it does not lack fast charging with a power of 33 W. By the way, it also includes protection against wateras it is compatible with the IP53 standard. These are the discounts that we recommend you take advantage of:

New tablet on sale: Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

If what you are looking for this Black Friday 2021 is to get a good quality tablet, it is clear that this is one of the options that you should keep in mind. We are talking about a fairly powerful computer, since among other things it includes a processor Snapdragon 860 With 6 GB RAM. This, if you combine it with the use of a Bluetooth keyboard, will allow you to replace the laptop if you wish. In addition, it also has very positive options when it comes to the screen, since we are talking about a component of 11 inch and high resolution uses a frequency of no less than 120 Hz. Thus, you will be able to watch series and movies with high quality (something that is also positively influenced by the fact that it has four speakers).

Tablet Xiaomi MI Pad 5

Other options that are positive in this tablet have to do with its autonomy that exceeds the 10 hours of use without the slightest problem taking advantage of an 8,720 mAh battery (and it does not lack fast charging!). With a storage of up to 256 GB, aesthetically this is a quite striking model, since it offers a very good quality aluminum finish and in Various colors. There are two existing promotions using the AEBF43 coupon in both cases:

Get reduced the Mi Air Purifier 3C EU

You can also get an ideal accessory for the home that will allow you to breathe always very clean air. The model we are talking about has features that are very interesting, such as offering compatibility with the voice assistants most used, such as Google’s own or Amazon’s Alexa. Besides, it is capable of working with airflows that reach the 320 cubic meters per hour, so it is a device that you can use in the living room no matter how large it is.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C EU in white color

With a quite attractive design and being extremely silent, the cleaning that this accessory achieves is really good, since it uses a system where there is a three-layer filter that ensures an excellent job. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C EU at an excellent price, since if you use the coupon BFZBANX9 you will only have to pay 80.99 euros. A real bargain.

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