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If you plan to contract a mobile phone service, pay television, internet or landline, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) wants to make your life easier, since it published the report of the second four-month period on the most recurrent disagreements regarding these services.

Profeco compared its report for the first four months of the year with the May-August period, and shows that complaints for these services fell 5 percent to 5,160, compared to the last figure, which was 5,449.

The main complaints received by TV, internet or telephone services, according to Profeco in its most recent report, are:

  • Refusal to deliver the service, with 26.6 percent
  • Unsolicited product or service, with 10.1 percent
  • Negative in the recession of the contract, with 10 percent.
  • Refusal to correct errors, with 8.6 percent.
  • Calculation error in the collection, with 8.2 percent.

The services with the highest number of complaints are: mobile telephony, with 1,704 complaints; service packages (telephone, internet and TV), with a thousand 214; pay television, with 687; the internet, with 551 and the landline, with 308.

The mobile phone companies with the most complaints received in this four-month period were: AT&T, Telcel and Movistar, in that order.

In the service packages (internet, telephone and TV), the companies with the highest number of complaints were: Totalplay, Megacable and IZZI.

On the other hand, on pay TV, Dish, IZZI and Megacable get the most non-conformities.

While according to Profeco in the Internet service Megacable takes the first place in complaints, IZZI comes in second and Telcel last.

Finally, when we talk about fixed telephony, the list of companies with the most disagreements is led by Telmex, IZZI, Totalplay and Megacable.


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