Why should you see The Devil on Wheels, the hidden treasure of Steven Spielberg’s filmography? – Spoiler Time

There is a reality: the general public likes to watch horror or suspense movies and series due to his genius for the way of telling various stories, whether new or from years ago.

Duel (or The Devil on Wheels, as it was called in our region) is already a classic of the cinema of which many do not know its existence. And not only that: fewer still know that it was directed by the great Steven Spielberg.

In this article we tell you why see it YES OR YES.

1 Director

Directed by Steven Spielberg and released the year 1974, The Devil on Wheels it was a preview of his future with Shark. It shows us a well-developed story in which a dark atmosphere is clearly not necessary to be able to enter into suspense or fear since everything happens in broad daylight, taking care of every detail without bringing anything forced.

2 The script

One point that makes it interesting is that psychological game that we see during development and that also has us clinging to the seat since it makes us think what we would do if the same thing happens to us. As the slogan says: “fear is your guide.” Everything is reflected in the script that can be simple but terrifying.

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3 Characters

On Duel clearly you do not need a large cast of actors or very broad characters to get a good story as each has special psychological aspects. You can take the side of the villain or the victim, always keeping in mind the following question: why is this happening?

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4 The photograph

An important aspect because they show us landscapes and incredible shots in which we feel in the place where the action occurs or inside the vehicles.

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5 The rhythm of the film

It is the action that makes us enter a good movie, and in this case the rhythm that is handled is adequate because, as I have mentioned, we see action that will cause us moments of mental and physical tension, this being what causes the film to become tedious at no time.

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6 Actor Denis Weaver

The actor Denis Weaver is undoubtedly the key to this film since at all times it will show a character who is going to be involved in all the feelings from one moment to the next: he starts happy with his normal life, but as the plot progresses he begins to look nervous, angry, worried about the situation he lives and having his instinct as the only ally, transmitting that to the public.

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7 The truck driver

When we travel we always focus on a quiet and pleasant path, whether for work or vacation, but, in this movie, the stress will be caused by the driver of a truck Peterbilt 281 that will annoy the character of David.

But the best thing is to want to know who the driver is and why he does this, an answer that will hardly come …

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