VIDEO | They reveal strong discussion between CR7 and Cuadrado in Juventus

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Thanks to documentaries, all football fans can witness what is not seen during a match, and proof of this is the strong argument that they had last season Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Guillermo Squareor during a meeting of the Juventus.

This scene was captured by the documentary ‘All or nothing: Juventus’ of Amazon Prime, where the fury of the Portuguese was recorded at halftime of1st return match of the Eighth Final of the past Champions League.

In the images you can see the Portuguese crack quite angry after entering the dressing room after losing by a goal. “Let’s do something else, what the …!, we don’t touch anything. We play sh … always, “he screamed CR7 before all his companions.

Before the strong words of the now Manchester United element, the only one who responded was Square, which launched the phrase “You have to be an example for everyone” while they both made faces.

As expected, the Bug He responded to the coffee grower saying: “I include myself too huh, we are not playing anything. You have to tell the truth. It is a Champions League match, you have to have personality “.

Because the spirits had risen, Andrea Pirlo, then coach of the Turin team, intervened to calm the situation and be able to leave for the second part of the match that ended 3-2 in favor of the Italians, a result that did not favor Juve to advance to the Quarterfinals.


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