Two communication radios stood between Diego Maradona and a title as a technician in Mexico

Diego Maradona’s assistant revealed that the changes that Maradona ordered from the boxes were not made due to interference

Diego Armando Maradona’s technical assistant in Dorados de Sinaloa revealed that two communication radios got in the way of obtaining a possible ‘Pelusa’ title with the club, which would have been the second in his career in the world of football after winning the World Cup in 1986.

“That final is lost because Maradona was not on the bench and communication with the radios is blocked; there is a change that is made ahead of time, which disrupts the offensive trend that the team had, because we were winning by two goals ahead” .

“I, who was there, have clearly that that final was lost because Diego was not on the bench and could not give the direct indication and the radios were distorted,” he commented to ESPN.

In minute 32 of the match, the Sinaloans silenced the stands of the Alfonso Lastras Stadium by taking the lead with Jorge Córdoba’s score; shortly before the break, the Potosinos regained hope after Nicolas Ibáñez’s goal.

Dorados extended the advantage, with a goal from Edson Rivera in the complementary part and, with the pressure of the rojiblancos, Maradona wanted to modify his strategy, however, the changes were not made in a timely manner due to the communication failure, between the coaching staff and world star.

In the first leg, Diego Armando Maradona was sent off in the aggregate; Dorados took advantage in their own court, by winning the first duel 1 to 0, however, in the second leg, the Argentine watched the match from the Lastras box.

“It gives courage because they expelled him in the first leg and the truth is that they should not have expelled him and there the truth is the referee became the protagonist, because he expelled Diego and did not throw Sosa out. Totally unbalanced the issue of the referee and the fact of That Diego was not on the bench in the final, in the second game, with an advantage, was decisive, “he added.

After a year of his death, Garcia appreciates the confidence that Maradona had towards his work in Ascenso MX, remembering the Argentine as a humble man.

“It will already be an anniversary of his sensitive death and I heard in a podcast, that is where I began to see, a phrase that sums up that great experience with Maradona:” There are many people who know Maradona, the world knows him, and there are few people who knows Diego “and I met Diego.”

“To always remember him with great gratitude, with great joy for the moments that we lived with Diego. In that he recognized that help and that capacity, when in my country that I have been for years I receive more criticism and more attacks than praise and that a football icon comes world and publicly acknowledge and declare, openly declare, that ability, that help from me, because it does nothing more than motivate one to move forward “he concluded.


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