Tamara Falcó talks about how she lived her fooling around with Jordi Cruz

What really happened?

What’s between Tamara Falco and Jordi Cruz? It was the question that many asked themselves in 2019, when the daughter of Isabel preysler struggled to become the queen of the stoves in MasterChef Celebrity. About that time, before Íñigo Onieva, the chef has been sincere. Now we know what it felt like.

Remember when Tamara Falco and Jordi Cruz They kissed on camera in November 2019? Do you remember that Tamara said later that she had come up for the victory in MasterChef Celebrity? And do you remember that that was before Íñigo Onieva And that the cook and the applicant had been fooling around all season?

Well, that’s what Tamara Falcó spoke about on Monday during her visit to the program and revealed what we all suspected. There were intentions beyond …

“When I found out I had a girlfriend It was a surprise, but the truth is that I am very happy for him, “he revealed this Monday to the new applicants during his visit to the program. He refers to the Brazilian architect Rebecca Lima, whom we met in September 2019.

The sincerity of the collaborator of The Hormiguero received an immediate response from Jordi Cruz. The cook and judge wanted to take away the iron from the matter and put the weight on Íñigo Onieva, Tamara’s boyfriend since November 2020. “Well, I when I found out about Iñigo I was not amused“Cruz said.

It is not the first time that he has spoken about the fooling around or about the kiss. He did so shortly after the program ended: “It was a spontaneous gesture and that’s it (…) I imagine that she would be happy and had that outburst of joy and chimpún ”.

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