SECULTA recognizes Living Human Treasures of Oaxaca for its contribution to traditional medicine

-Doña Angela Pérez Hernández, healer, midwife and bonesetter, originally from Valle Nacional was representing the Papaloapan Basin.

Alex Morales

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca.- Considered by the Secretariat of Cultures as living human treasures of Oaxaca, this Wednesday 8 people selected from each region of the State were recognized, for their contribution to traditional medicine, healing and childbirth for decades.

Taking as a framework the emblematic Macedonio Alcalá theater, the participants were received by the head of the SECULTA Karla Villalba Quevedo, who gave them a well-deserved recognition but not without first exhorting them to continue promoting these practices in each of their regions and giving proof of their value. , of traditional medicine and the treasure they obtained from their ancestors.

In the Papaloapan Basin, Doña Angela Pérez Hernández, a curandera, midwife and traditional bone worker, originally from Cerro Armadillo Grande in the municipality of Valle Nacional, made an appearance, who through her method known as “clean”, showed her knowledge with the owner of this instance, leaving as a testimony the healing power of traditional medicine.

These 8 people were chosen through the call for the project “Living Human Treasures of Oaxaca” which, through their experiences, were awarded and recognized for their extensive knowledge in herbal medicine, having a legacy from their ancestors.

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