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On November 23, 2021, Salma Hayek received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The artist unveiled her recognition alongside actor Adam Sandler, filmmaker Chloé Zhao and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Of course, her family could not miss this important moment and her daughter, Valentina Paloma, attended; her husband, the magnate François-Henri Pinault; her parents, Sami Hayek and Diana Jiménez; and his brother Sami Hayek Jr with his wife.

Salma Hayek: from being humiliated to becoming a big star

Despite the happiness that prevailed during the event, the Mexican actress also took a moment to talk about the episodes of racism she experienced when she first moved to the United States:

“I remember once I went to the movies and someone hit me on the back of my chair and said: ‘Mexican, don’t you sit in front of me. Go back to your country. ‘ I remember another time when I was queuing at a cafeteria and someone grabbed my arm, pulled me out of the line and said: ‘I’m not going to line up behind a Mexican woman.’

Regarding her work environment, Hollywood studios did not usually take her seriously because of her marked Latin accent and her physical appearance. There were even those who suggested that she return to Mexico to make soap operas, but Salma’s ambition to conquer ‘the mecca of cinema’ prevented her from giving up.

A key piece to persevere were his fans, whom he deeply thanked during his speech:

“I want to say to everyone here, my dear fans, that it was you who gave me the courage to stay. Although they did not know me in the Hollywood studios, all the Latinos in the United States. they knew who he was, they understood that he had come with dreams like them. These fans have been with me for 37 years. In the hard times, they gave me the courage ”.

Today the Mexican can boast of having been part of the cast of productions such as’ Eternals’ (2021), ‘House of Gucci’ (2021), ‘Duro de Cuidar’ (2021), ‘Latin Lover’ (2017), ‘ The gentlemen have no memory ‘(2014),’ Puss in boots’ (2011) and ‘They are like children’ (2010).

Press play to the video to know in what other ways the Mexican has conquered Hollywood:

Black Power: Dark Skin Conquering Hollywood

Valentina Paloma, the proudest for her mother’s achievements

During the ceremony, reporters from El Gordo and La Flaca asked Salma Hayek’s daughter what it meant to see her mother’s star in the famous hallway. The 14-year-old teenager responded with perfect Spanish: “I like that everyone is going to see her here.”

Reporters even caught the reaction of the actress’s father, Sami Hayek. See all the details in the following video:

Salma Hayek’s father and daughter speak to El Gordo and La Flaca about the actress’s star in Hollywood

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