Microsoft makes it easy to buy the Xbox Series in the US by sending a link to “valued” users

Players are receiving emails that lead to an exclusive page to purchase console packs.

Xbox is preparing for a somewhat uncertain Christmas, well supply shortage It has seriously affected the production of Xbox Series. And while it has already relieved the community by securing a stock boost for the holidays, the company continues to make it easy to purchase their console from lifelong players. For this reason, it has started to send emails in the US in which “valued” users can purchase Xbox Series packs more easily.

The email contains a unique link to facilitate the purchase of the consoleThis has been pointed out by The Verge in a news item accompanied by this same message from Microsoft. In the mail, the company informs estimated users that the Microsoft Store has received a new shipment of Xbox Series and they share a unique link so that players can buy it exclusively. However, this option will be available until stocks are exhausted, therefore, it is not guaranteed that all mail recipients will be able to purchase a console.

Additionally, Xbox uses this strategy to fight speculators, as it selects a small group of users to send this opportunity and, in addition to this, specifies some purchase conditions to avoid resales. In this sense, players can only buy a pack Xbox Series per request, or two in a period of 30 days, so it will be impossible to buy consoles in bulk.

These packs include the console, an additional controller and a game to choose by the user from a selection that includes titles such as Far Cry 6 or Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. In addition, this is not the only surprise that Microsoft has given us in recent days, since a few hours ago we learned that Xbox is sending gifts to its fans on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. On the other hand, Microsoft is not the only company that uses techniques of the style, since PlayStation has opened a reservation website in the US with various conditions And, like Xbox, it’s focused on shipping more PS5s to stores.

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