Kendall Jenner dazzled as a bridesmaid at Lauren Perez’s wedding

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid helped the bride through the entire process. Creative consultant, strategist, and entrepreneur, Lauren Perez, met David Waltzer, an executive and partner at Electric Feel Entertainment, in New York City, while visiting her best friend Maria in 2014. At the time, David and Maria lived in New York, and she wanted two of her best friends to meet. “Sure enough, after hanging out, he asked Maria if I was single,” Lauren recalls. “The weather wasn’t ideal, but we stayed in touch over the years.”

In 2018, David ended up having dinner with Lauren’s brother, Joseph. “Joseph identified a spark and told David that he should ask me out,” says Lauren. “David had always had a crush on me, so getting Joseph’s approval made him feel comfortable enough to dare to ask me and get serious. I love that David had the approval of my best friend and my brother even before we went on our first date. Something about this made it super special. Something very old school, but I liked it. “

Lauren Perez and David Waltzer’s Incredible Beach Wedding

In December 2019, Lauren and David traveled to New York for a friend’s wedding. “I wasn’t expecting or thinking of a proposal, even though I knew I wanted to marry him,” Lauren recalls. “The day after the wedding, we were in bed at the Mercer Hotel, a little hungover, when he pulled out a band of pave diamonds, got down on his knees and joked, ‘Did you think I would propose?’ instant. , ‘No, but you have eight months to do it. That’s enough for you to settle your affairs and it will save me from having to bother you when you ask me seriously. ”

“At that moment, David jumped on the bed, kissed me on the cheek, and placed an engagement ring on the right side of the pillow and asked me to look at it. When I saw the box, I was still not sure what it was. passing by and I told him it was not a funny joke. But when I opened the box and saw my beautiful ring, I started crying so much that he had to ask me what my answer was. Obviously, it was yes! “

Three months later, the pandemic appeared just as the couple was about to start planning the wedding. They decided to take a year off to see what would happen, and during that time they changed their wedding date about three times. “We also had issues with suppliers and timelines,” admits Lauren. “In the end, our invitations were sent out two months before the wedding!”

November 11, 2021 was the final date of the wedding, and the couple worked with David’s sister, Meredith Falk, of Gldn Events Co, to plan everything. “Meredith was amazing, but sometimes it got really stressful,” reveals Lauren.

“This was my first foray into planning any type of event, so I definitely learned a lot. My favorite parts were, of course! the process of selecting and buying the dresses, working with my brother in the design of the merchandising, and then all the areas where I was able to collaborate with David and our wedding planner on the small, but important, creative details. —From flowers to decoration and lighting. “

And while Lauren loved the process of shopping for a dress, at first she had no idea what she wanted. “I knew what I didn’t want,” he says. “But, I entered Vera Wang without many references. The saleswoman asked me: “What are you looking for?” I remember saying to her: “I know I want it to be simple, but at the same time special. Something that makes me feel like a girlfriend and enjoy my moment, without feeling that something is taking me.”

The winning dress made Lauren feel like “a bride, a princess, but still just plain and totally me.” Once this dilemma was resolved, she called Jacquie Aiche to ask for some jewelry. “I went to his office and tried on a lot of parts with his equipment. They helped me choose the perfect pieces to match my outfit throughout the weekend. ” Mary Phillips was in charge of the bride’s makeup. “She is a dream,” says Lauren. “My bridesmaid knew I needed the best for my special day and she helped me prepare everything!”

David opted for a tailored Prada suit, and the bridesmaids (including Bella Hadid and fellow model Kendall Jenner) wore custom Bec and Bridge styles. “I worked closely with Bec and Bridgette to create a custom color and dresses for each of their styles,” says Lauren. “I love the way they turned out!”

The ceremony took place in a tent in Miami Beach with the ocean in the background. To ensure safety, everyone was required to submit proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test prior to the event. An instant test station was also installed at the hotel.

“Since David and I are Jewish, we had a traditional Jewish ceremony, which included getting married under a Chuppah, while our parents wrapped us in the Tallit, which is a symbol of unity, accompanied by the breaking of glass,” says Lauren. We made sure to schedule our ceremony so that when the sun started, the guests would arrive and by the end of the ceremony, it would have been completely hidden. ”

“Our ceremony started with a breathing meditation with our Rabbi, and David and I stood there alone, it was perfect. I felt love radiating around us. And yet I remember being under the Chuppah with my future husband. feeling like it was just the two of us. I felt that everything was fine. I could hear my friends cry with happiness, I could feel their joy, and yet, I was not nervous, I was not scared. I looked David in the eye. I was ready to get married. with him. It felt so good. “

That day it threatened to rain, so after the ceremony, the bride and groom moved their reception to the Ocean Grill restaurant at the Setai Hotel instead of having it outside. “It ended up being the best,” says Lauren. “When the service ended, the party started quickly. We are very fortunate that some of our dear friends who were invited are also some of the best DJs in the world: Pedro, Zack Bia, Daniel Chetrit and Dza. Needless to say, the dance started immediately and never stopped! “

After the first few dances and speeches, Lauren ran back to her bridal suite and did a quick makeover – a bespoke Vivienne Westwood dress that she paired with custom Nike Air Force Ones – just in time, before a surprise appearance from Fat Joe.

“[Ha pasado poco más de una semana y] I’m still in the clouds, “says Lauren.” I feel like no one is warning you about the downturn, but it’s intense! I miss it all! I had the weekend of my life. I married my best friend, what could be better than that? “

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