George Clooney: These are the REASONS why he is considered the WORST BATMAN

Considered one of the worst movies in history, “Batman & Robin“Not only is he a plot misstep, some of his performances also remain the least brilliant in superhero productions.

The play, directed by Joel Schumacher, was about to bury Batman, especially after his film breakthrough at the end of the eighties with films that represented success at the box office and a new furor over the dark character.

Close to ending Batman

Although George Clooney he is one of the most talented actors in the history of cinema, he could never find a way to play Batman. This coupled with the fact that the characters as well as the aesthetics of the film never helped the actor much.

The production of “Batman & robin“a success was awarded with the signing of Clooney; however, he was never comfortable with the plot that featured a cartoonish superhero, unlike “Batman“or”Batman came back“, both directed by Tim Burton, which showed a much darker character and personality.

Never before or after a movie of Batman it was so questioned and criticized. Such was the failure that the film starring George Clooney caused that the productions about this superhero were suspended until 2006 with the premiere of “Batman start“.

Clooney is not solely responsible

But this weight is not only of the actor, a lot of responsibility has the director Joel Schumacher, who also directed “Batman eternally“, with an unfortunate Val Kilmer playing the protagonist. Since this production, the aesthetic of the vengeful and dark superhero was replaced by a lighter and more caricatured image.

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