Former Nintendo America President Says Game Industry “Better” Thanks to Xbox

As we all know, Xbox is celebrating 20 years since this entire journey in the world of video games began, celebrating with various events and games that have had all the prominence these days. Now, has joined the Xbox celebrations nothing more and nothing less than the former president of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aimé, who has said that the game industry is “better” thanks to Xbox.

Through a panel discussion posted on YouTube and hosted by the former Nintendo president, various industry topics were discussed with pioneering Xbox workers. Although Reggie was on this panel just to moderate the discussion, there was no lack of desire to dedicate a few words to Xbox, highlighting the role that the company has had in the development of the video game industry.

Former Nintendo America President Says Games Industry “Better” Thanks to Xbox

At the minute of the statements, Reggie highlighted (translated): “At the time of launch, at the time of now, 20 years later, the industry is better thanks to the launch of Xbox, I passionately believe that. And the fact that there are all these companies doing all this wonderful content, the ecosystem is so strong that Xbox is a big part of it. “ Plus, he added a quirky story about how his son brought him to the original Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved.

“When Xbox was launched, I was not in the industry, I was not in Nintendo, I was a consumer, I was that prototypical consumer who already had a PS2 in my house, I had an N64, I was thinking about a GameCube but I didn’t actually buy a GameCube until I was part of Nintendo … but my son, an avid gamer, was the one who said we had to see this Xbox thing … and the driver was Halo, and that experience is what the original Xbox got. That’s my Xbox memory from the beginning. “

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Without a doubt, it is truly admirable to see how the tycoons of companies as big as Nintendo They have known how to recognize when consoles, ecosystems are good and they leave you something to remember. A time when Reggie was first introduced to the world of Xbox and Halo, remembering it to this day. A clear example that despite the differences, Nintendo and Xbox get along much better than people think.

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