Download a new free game and a super content pack

Epic Games Store: Download a new free game and a super content pack

It’s already Thursday and as you know, those of you who follow us week by week, it’s time to review all the free content that we can get today in the Epic Games Store. One more week we have the opportunity to take us totally free a new game and a super content pack to play non-stop on our PC. These new free content will be available in the Epic Games Store from today at 17:00 (local time) until then we remind you that you can still get the three free games of the current week through the following link.

If you play on Xbox, we remind you that the Black Friday offers are still valid, where you can find more games and more content for your favorite games with up to 90% discount on their original price. If you want to review all the available offers you can do so from this link.

Today’s free games on the Epic Games Store

Get 1090 Gems for free to use in the game! This in-game currency can be used to play games, challenges, and tournaments for a limited time! Additionally, Gems can also be used to unlock more difficult challenges and to play turn-based PvP matches against friends and other players.

You have never enjoyed a hunting game like theHunter: Call of the Wild before. Immerse yourself in an evocative and lively open world, from the realism of its majestic animals to the rustling of the leaves as you stalk your prey. Decide whether to hunt solo or join a hunt with your friends. Remember: you are not just visiting this world. You are part of it. The feeling when you finally get a glimpse of the beautiful antlers of your first deer in the undergrowth is indescribable.

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