CR7 hires two veterans from Afghanistan to protect their family

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There is no doubt that when it comes to taking care of your family Cristiano Ronaldo He is willing to do anything, proof of this is that the crack of the Manchester United hired two ex-combatants from Afghanistan to protect your loved ones due to increase in robberies in England.

The newspaper The Sun confirmed that the two security elements are twins who served as soldiers in an elite special forces unit, which have been seen close to the Portuguese crack and his family.

“They are able to blend in with the crowd, but are quick to think, see and act at the right time “, detailed the Portuguese press on Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, name of the ex-soldiers who are now part of an escort unit for the elite of the Portuguese Police.

The first time Afghan ex-combatants were seen alongside Cristiano Ronaldo It was when the former footballer was preparing to travel to Switzerland last September. Later they were seen at the party that Georgina rodriguez organized in Madrid for his daughter Alana Martina.

The CR7 family will grow

It should be remembered that in the coming months the family of the star of the Manchester United will grow, as the footballer’s partner is pregnant with twins, who are expected to be born in the spring of next year.


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