Cardi B says she almost did a song with BTS

Cardi B prepares to command the ceremony of the American Music Awards, which takes place this Sunday, November 21 in Los Angeles and brings together big names in international music. The awards presenter gave an interview to the American magazine Variety and showed enthusiasm for one of the musical attractions of the event, the Bts .

According to the rapper, his daughter , Kulture, is a huge fan of the South Korean group:

I really like BTS, but let me tell you something. My daughter really likes BTS. Like, ‘Mommy, Mommy, put music on’ And it’s like, I know what he’s talking about“Cardi said.

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When asked about a possible collaboration with the K-pop group, he revealed that he narrowly missed having his name credited on one of the owners’ albums of «Butter«.

Could be. I was supposed to be on an album with them, but I had just released an album so I couldn’t do it due to lack of time. But I love them”Said the artist.

Cardi guaranteed that she won’t make fun of her companions professionals, as traditionally occurs in events such as AMAs. The rapper justified her decision by saying that it can be rude if she reveals her kind of humor.

I will not joke with my friends, because my jokes are rude. My jokes are the kind of joke I have to make between you and me. I can’t make my jokes publicly because then you will think… I can be rude!”He said in an interview.

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