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UNITED KINGDOM.- Singer Billie eilish she has always shone and not only because of her fairytale-worthy dresses, like the big peach-colored outfit she wore in the last MET Galabut because of your choice of fairy tattoos.

The interpreter of “Bad Guy” debuted subtly in new ink at the premiere of “No Time to DieOn Tuesday, where she gave fans a glimpse of an apparent fairy tattoo on her left hand.

While the 19-year-old pop star hasn’t specified the meaning of her new design, the image appears to depict a couple of fairies flying.

Billie Eilish is distinguished by her peculiar style of dress.

Magic premiere tattoo

The ink seemed to be still fresh, since during the catwalk of the MET Gala and in his last performance in Governers Ball on Saturday I didn’t have it.

This marks the third tattoo of Eilish, though his other designs are rarely discussed, or shown. According Rolling stone , he also has a dragon on his thigh and the name “Eilish“written across the middle of his chest in gothic script.

While she has yet to show her large thigh tattoo in its entirety, she first saw it while modeling lingerie in her pin-up photoshoot of British vogue .

And he publicly debuted the design at the 2021 Met Gala in September, thanks to the dangerously high slit in her second Oscar de la Renta of the night.

Billie Eilish has returned to her customary style by wearing a Gucci outfit for the premiere of “No Time To Die.”

Not all ink will be in sight

It seems that the singer has changed her mind about showing the ink on her skin to her followers, during an interview with Vaniti Fair in 2020 that he had gotten a secret tattoo that “you will never see”.

While she’s also been experimenting with style lately, including wearing a glamorous peach tulle gown for her entrance to the Met Gala last month, Eilish He went back a bit to his roots in an all-black outfit from Gucci at the premiere of James bond star-studded this week.

Although this time she did not choose a princess style dress, Eilish, who sings the film’s theme song, rubbed shoulders with real-life royalty Kate middleton and the prince William at the premiere.

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