10 Funko Pop! that you can find with great discounts on Amazon

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Black Friday is here and among the great deals you can find on Amazon are several discounts on Funko Pop! Figures, the favorites of collectors.

This time we will show you 10 incredible models that you can buy at a much lower price than the standard. So if you like The Simpsons, Star Wars, Marvel and Naruto, among others, keep reading and you will surely find something for yourself.

* Prices are in Mexican pesos and both they and the availability of each product may vary without prior notice.

1. Mr. Burns Radioactive


“I bring you peace, I bring you love”, who does not remember these iconic and legendary words of Mr. Burns during the episode of The Simpsons “The Secret Files of Springfield”? Now you can have it forever with this Funko Pop! that also glows in the dark.

Its normal price is $ 500, but on Black Friday you can get it for only $ 349. If you dare, you can find it here.

2. Boba Fett

Via Amazon

Get ready for the premiere of the legendary bounty hunter’s series, “The Book of Boba Fett” with this figure that you can get for only $ 256.72 in these days of offers.

Do you join their cause? Find this Funko Pop! here.

3. Iron Man from Iron Man 2

Via Amazon

In this figure we see Iron Man wearing his fourth suit, the Mark IV, the same one he wore in the second hero movie, starring Robert Downey Jr., and besides everything, it glows in the dark.

You like me? Here it can be yours for only $ 625 (Its original price is $ 900).

4. Batman (with guitar) Death Metal

Via Amazon

Any Batman fan needs this Funko Pop! with the Dark Knight in his most metal version, not only because of the guitar, but because it is the Death Metal edition, those stories that presented the fearsome Batman Who Laughs.

This Black Friday you can get this collectible for only $ 296.00, so don’t think twice and find it here.

5. Stitch from Lilo & Stitch (smiling and sitting)

Via Amazon

If Stich is adorable, this Funko Pop! It makes him look even more, so much so that it makes you want to run and give him a tight hug. And it is not for minor, this edition presents the beloved blue alien sitting and smiling.

Did you also love it? It can be yours for $ 396. Take advantage of.

6. Minato (Naruto)

Via Amazon

Let’s face it, we all love Funko Pop! from anime, so here you have Minato, Naruto’s father, in his charming funko version, but with all the elements that always characterized the Fourth Hokage and Yellow Flash of Konoha.

These sale days can be yours for $ 298.00. You dare?

7. Mickey Mouse with Disney Castle

Via Amazon

This is a Funko Pop: Town, so Mickey does not arrive alone, he comes with a charming replica of the iconic Disney castle. One might think that this costs a pasture, but the truth is that it does not.

On a normal day its price would be $ 1,204; But we’re on Black Friday so if you want it, it’s yours for just $ 577.85.

8. Venom Iron Man

Via Amazon

It is one of the Funko Pop! most incredible things that have been made about the world of Marvel Comics. What if Iron Man was paired with Venom? Well, this toy shows Tony Stark’s suit covered by the symbiote and the truth looks as scary as it is incredible.

The best of all is its price that with the discounts of today and tomorrow remains in $ 271. This is your chance to get it.

9. “Mando” with The Child by The Mandalorian

Via Amazon

The great chemistry that this duo has is reflected in this collectible figure. Here we will have “Mando”, protagonist of the Disney + series with the adorable Grogu, The Kid or Baby Yoda, whatever you want to call him.

But that’s not all, we have “Mando” flying with his jetpack while lovingly holding his little companion. If you love The Mandalorian, you will want to have this.

Get it this Black Friday for $ 239.

10. Doggie from the “This is fine” meme

Via Amazon

Surely we have all identified with the situation that this puppy lives, where everything around it burns and you have to pretend or accept that “everything is fine”. The image, which emerged in the Gunshow comic, was immortalized with this figure that, of course, includes his cup with the legend “This is fine.”

You want it? Get it here for $ 298.00.

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