Players who do not enter Cruz Azul’s plans for Clausura 2022

In the next weeks the Cruz Azul board of directors will have a lot of work with a view to Closing 2022, after consummate failure in the 2021 Grita Apertura Tournament to be eliminated in the playoff by Monterrey, that is why since The Ferris Wheel could have a clean on campus, in which up to eight players could leave the team.


The first of them, and by others announced, is that of Orbelín Pineda, who ends his contract with La Machine in December this year and will march for free in January to become reinforcement of Celta de Vigo, but like the blue midfielder, he is The contract expires to three other staff members.

Is about Yoshimar Yotún and Walter Montoya, who also in December finish their contract with Cruz Azul and they would be free, because so far the renewal has not been signed; while a Alexis Peña ends his days on loan at the club, by Chivas, so in case the cement team do not make the purchase option valid for your token as soon as possible, andThe defender will have to return to Verde Valle.

Players who do not enter into Cruz Azul plans

Along with these players, journalist David Medrano revealed that there are at least five other footballers who do not enter into Juan Reynoso’s plans for him Closing 2022, so the cement board could look for them accommodation in other teams and take on the task of adding reinforcements to fill their respective positions.

The elements that the Peruvian strategist would not have considered for the following contest are: Lucas Passerini, Bryan Angulo, Adrián Aldrete, Quick Mendoza and Rómulo Otero, these last two with less than six months on the staff, well it must be remembered that they were the only reinforcement for the present tournament, after the conquest of the ninth star.

It is important to note that the main drawback of Cruz Azul to hire reinforcement is the theme economic, since the new administration, led by Victor Manuel Velazquez, as president of the Board of Directors and Surveillance of the Cooperative, has made it clear that the soccer team aims to be a self-sustaining business, far from the waste that was made in the cement company with the previous management.


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