Henry Martín responded to Erik Lira with an epic trolley

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Henry Martín was forceful and did not remain silent in the face of Erik Lira’s statements. America vs Pumas, increasingly hot …

Henry Martín hopes to be important again for America.
© Imago 7Henry Martín hopes to be important again for America.

America and Cougars will star in one of the most important clashes of the Quarterfinals of the League of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021. The rivalry that exists between the two teams is very great and, above all, the recent moment of the two teams is to stand out, so it will be a crossroads full of nuances.


After obtaining a triumph in the Repechage against Toluca, midfielder Erik Lira was carried away by euphoria and said that Los Universitarios will eliminate Las Águilas from the Fiesta Grande. Far from backing down, he later confirmed it in an interview. Recently, Henry Martín echoed what happened and reminded his next adversary where they came from.

“We are not going to answer that. I saw the videos and what they said and it seemed to me that it was the moment of euphoria. Anyone would be excited to qualify in a Repechage. We are focused on our business and we are going to talk on the pitch “, the forward noted at a press conference.

On the other hand, the ex-Xolos from Tijuana stated that the recent form does not affect the field of play: “In these instances, the team that gets to touch you is going to be complicated because it is already a Liguilla. It has been shown in tournaments that it does not matter how you come, it matters what you do on the pitch. It helped us to have lost at times to learn from mistakes and not make them again. “

He did not give predictions

Unlike some of his rivals, Martín did not want to predict any winner in the Capital Classic: “This is a classic and the classics are played with the heart. Whoever does things better on the pitch is going to be the one who takes the victory.”


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