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Adam Sandler is one of the benchmarks of comedy in Hollywood. He has participated in more than 30 films, among which stand out A cool dad, Like it was the first time, Spanglish, Click and Do not mess with the Zohan. In addition to starring in his films, the actor is also behind their production, as in the case of A fake wife, film in which the two actors who give life are stolen the camera to the “false” children of the protagonist.

One of those children es Barto Bart Murphy, who in fiction is played by Griffin Gluck. The American actor was only 11 years old when he filmed A fake wife where he shared camera with Jennifer Aniston, plus Adam Sandler. 10 years have passed since the premiere of the film, and you won’t be able to believe how the actor has changed.

A fake wife follows the story of a successful plastic surgeon who invents having a family to win the woman of his dreams. For this he has the help of Katherine, who pretends to be the doctor’s ex-partner with her children: Bart and Maggie (Kikki).

This is what the child of ‘A lying wife’ looks like today

Although the actor Griffin Gluck I had already participated in the movies Saidoweizu and Council of Dads, its role in A fake wife (2011) gained him international recognition, and since then his career has been on the rise.

Griffin Gluck participated in the tapes Just before i go, Noah (2014) –in this he played the young version of Shem, son of Noah according to the Bible- and Because the?, where he shared credits with James Franco and Zoey Deutch.

The American actor also made a career in television. Has appeared in the series The Office, Silicon Valley, Red Band Society and United States of Tara.

He is currently 20 years old and has joined several Netflix productions. He starred in the 2019 movie Tall girl and starred in the show American Vandal. Last year, 2020, the series premiered Locke & Key, where he has a leading role and plays Gabe; season two will hit the platform in October 2021.

It is worth mentioning that Griffin Gluck kept for a year a loving relationship with Sabrina carpenter, but in 2020 the couple decided to put an end to their romance; although they still keep some of their photos together on Instagram.


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