Alec Baldwin faces lawsuits for the fatal accident in ‘Rust’ with the unconditional support of his wife

Alec Baldwin has an unconditional pillar in his family, who in the situation in which he has been immersed after the tragic accident that cost the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust late October is essential. The actor decided to withdraw from the public spotlight for a few weeks and move to Vermont (New England) with his wife Hilaria and their children, although he has already been seen in recent weeks back in New York. In the images that have been captured, the interpreter can be seen with Hilaria, pushing her baby’s stroller (it could be little Lucia, who is ten months old) with a serious gesture. The protagonist of The escape he confessed shattered and in shock after what happened, since it was he who fired the shot with the prop weapon that accidentally killed his partner.

Alec Baldwin hugs the husband and son of Halyna Hutchins, who died of an accidental shooting

George Clooney’s shocking statements about the deadly incident involving Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria BaldwinVIEW GALLERY

Hilaria Baldwin has turned to her husband. “I love you and I am here,” wrote the yoga instructor, with whom he married in 2012, shortly after what happened. In addition, he accompanied his words with a significant image in which the hands of the two appear intertwined. space for me to take care of him and his mental health. What happened is something terrible and it feels terrible. “The couple has six children, Carmen, 7, Rafa (5), Leo (4), Romeo (3), Eduardo (1) and little Lucia, who is barely ten months old, who are the best balm for the actor.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria BaldwinVIEW GALLERY

Together they face the consequences of the event, which is still under investigation although Baldwin, who is, in addition to the protagonist, producer of the film, has already been sued twice. The film’s chief lighting officer, Serge Svetnoy, filed a negligence lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Alec Baldwin, as well as assistant deputy director David Halls and gun control officer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Svetnoy was the person closest to Hutchins in the set when Alec fired and he too was slightly hit by the shot, as was director Joel Souza. Mamie Mitchell, the film’s scriptwriter, has also filed another lawsuit holding the actor and the production team responsible for the “dangerous conditions of the set“, as well as having caused her psychological damage as a result of the fatal event.

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Hilaria Baldwin sends a message of encouragement to her husband with an endearing video of her six children

After the fatal accident, Alec demanded changes in the filming, ensuring that there should be a police presence on those sets where weapons are used. “Every film or fiction that uses guns, fake or not, must have an agent in the set hired by production to specifically monitor security, “wrote the interpreter of Bitelchus. He also referred to what happened George Clooney, a colleague of Baldwin, who questioned the fact that they had not hired people with more experience. “Why wouldn’t this low-budget film with producers who produced anything have hired someone with experience for the gunsmith? … It’s a terrible accident. But a 24-year-old person with that little experience shouldn’t be in charge of a weapons department, ”he wondered about Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, the gunsmith of Rust.

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