Mourinho fulfills promise and gives tennis of 800 euros to youth of Rome

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Jose Mourinho follow innovating inside of Rome and looking for ways to motivate your players. This was demonstrated with the youth Felix Afena-Gyan, To who He gave him some tennis shoes for 800 euros for debuting with a double in Serie A, a gift that he promised from the day of his debut.

The lusitanian technician is having a good start to the season in command of Roma despite being far from the leaders, because after 13 days they are located in the fifth position with 22 units, 10 below Napoli that commands the table.

Mourinho’s promise to Felix Afena

Felix Afena-Gyan, born on January 19, 2003, is one of the elements that ascended category to the first team, since he was playing with the team Roma U19, but has made the leap to Serie A this season.

Joseph Mourinho would have approached to talk with him a few days ago and He promised him that if he scored on his debut with Roma, he would give him some tennis shoes for 800 euros, The same ones that he wanted to buy but did not have the money; the motivation worked.

Félix Afena failed to score on his debut with the first team, since he entered the exchange against the Cagliari in the victory of Roma 1-2, but it was blank. The next day He tried one more time against AC Milan, where he played 45 minutes but he could not mark either.

Finally, this Sunday before him Genoa by Johan Vásquez, Félix Afena-Gyan would not only score his first goal with Rome, but would score a double despite entering change in the last minutes, as he made his appearance at minute 75 and that was enough to give victory to his club.

After the double, Félix Afena went to the bench to celebrate with Mourinho and see if he hadn’t forgotten his promise, same that Mourinho would fulfill this Monday, because through a video that has gone viral proved that he is a man of his word.


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