Does the omelette make you fat? This is what nutritionists say

The corn tortilla has been a benchmark in Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times, unfortunately in recent years its consumption has decreased, especially in Mexico, due to the myth that this food is fattening.

Ending this myth must be everyone’s responsibility, since it is not only an important part of our culture and an international reference for our identity as Mexicans; It is also a very complete food in nutritional terms and beyond gaining weight, it favors maintaining a healthy state of health “, said Yaiza Bejos Vázquez, a graduate in Nutrition and Food Sciences, responsible for Nutritional Orientation at the Universidad La Salle Campus Ciudad from Mexico.

He added that, due to its nutritional content, the tortilla, whether made with nixtamal dough or with nixtamalized corn flour such as Minsa or Maseca, among others, should be part of the daily diet of Mexicans, regardless of their age, with the exception of newborns, that their diet should be based on breast milk.

In this sense, he explained that, although the corn tortilla is a carbohydrate, it is a rich source of nutrients necessary for the human body.

No food by itself causes people to get fat or thin, unfortunately some of them, like the tortilla, have myths around them, but the reality is that the corn tortilla has large amounts of calcium and this helps dental and bone issues and of regulation of certain metabolic mechanisms of the body; it is very high in niacin, part of the group of vitamins B3 and high in fiber and iron, a nutrient that is not only found in meat. In addition, it has phosphorus, essential to fix and absorb calcium and the rest of the nutrients it has ”.

The above, he said, is applicable to those tortillas that are prepared based on the traditional nixtamalization process; However, industrial and food engineering advances have led to the development of fortified tortillas, which are even more beneficial to the human body because they have a greater amount of nutrients.

Other benefits of the tortilla is that it is affordable, that is to say that it is a food that all Mexican families can access due to its cost regardless of their socio-economic level, and it is very versatile since it can be combined with any other food, thus increasing the nutritional contribution.

The omelette does not make you fat, what’s more, I suggest and promote the consumption of this food typical of our culture every day, in addition to a balanced diet. What you have to take care of a bit is the portion, but this depends on each person, their health conditions and their physical activity ”.

He explained that it is advisable to consume between two and three corn tortillas per meal time; however, those people who perform physical activity or consume a lot of energy in their daily activities, usually consume up to six servings of this food ”.

It should be remembered that the corn tortilla in Mexico continues to be made mainly with nixtamalized corn dough, representing 65%, compared to 35% of corn flour, which is fragmented as follows: 25% by Maseca, 8% by Minsa, 1% for Harimasa, 0.50% for Cargill, 0.40% for Macsa and 0.20% for Blancas.

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