Roberto Durán attacks Dinamita Márquez for criticizing Canelo

Mexico City /

Juan Manuel Marquez, legend of Mexican boxing, is immersed in controversy after criticize Canelo Álvarez, ensuring that it is not among the best Mexican boxers in history and it will only do so when I fought with important rivals and on equal terms.

Dynamite has received comments of all kinds, some supporting his position and others attacking him, as he was Erik “Terrible” Morales, who called him “resentful of life”; now Roberto “Stone Hands” Durán joined the criticism of Márquez, ensuring that “he is envious. “

“For me he is envious, why doesn’t he go boxing? That is only envy. I know Canelo Just by phone, the brother introduced him to me by video, who arrived in Panama and we spoke very well. Then he was training and I greeted him. He got out of the ring and greeted me. No one is a gold coin for camake you all good. He who speaks ill of Canelo is because he envies him, Canelo for me they are good people”Commented the Panamanian legend.

The Panamanian compared Saúl to Julio César Chávez and affirmed that the tapatío has earned more money and titles than the great Mexican champion.

“If you look at it, Canelo has won more money than Chávez and more titles than Chávez. We are not saying no to Chávez. It must be recognized that today, 99% is Canelo, Chávez is out of fashion, Durán went out of style “

Finally, Roberto Durán did not hesitate to point out that Canelo is today the ultimate attraction in boxing.

“For me, yes, because there is no one there. Who? Durán is not there, Chávez is not, (Floyd) Mayweather is not there. Today, fighting, live, is Canelo, who else can it be?”


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