Jorge Campos predicted 25 years ago that the US would overtake Mexico

Mexico City /

The Mexican team has suffered in 2021 when he faces the United States selection, against whom he added his third defeat on the FIFA date of November and the historic Jorge Campos He recalled that he noticed it in 1996.

In ’96 the Brody signed by Los Angeles Galaxy, year in which he warned of the soccer potential that the american footballBut none of the sports critics and fans believed him at the time.

“When I went to the MLS and I saw his project, I commented that because of his organization he was growing, that USA I was growing and in the future he was going to beat us. They criticized me and said that I was wrong, that I wanted to look good with the MLS. They said a thousand things, that he was crazy”He told ESPN.

I was not wrong. I pointed out that the projects of USA It was the best I had seen and that is why I had decided to go there, for the future that came from the MLS. It’s incredible that we don’t learn, ”he added.

El Tri lost to the Stars and Stripes box in the Final of the Concacaf Nations League, on gold Cup and now in the World Cup qualifiers in the region heading to Qatar 2022 says a lot about a Federation that does not think about money.

“Them they are not thinking about money. USA keep going and Canada is already growing too. They have a money process. They are not thinking about money, but about grow sporty”, He commented.


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