Goalscorer duel between Pumas and Toluca


Sunday’s game ensures a duel between scorers.

Dinenno wants to continue his scoring streak at Nemesio Díez
© Getty ImagesDinenno wants to continue his scoring streak at Nemesio Díez

The review of the last duels between Cougars and Toluca It concludes that both teams have been able to star in extremely interesting duels with many goals in between. When looking at the names of the scorers of the last two years there is a pattern that repeats itself and that, next Sunday, it could do it one more time.


Dale Azul y Oro has already talked about the offensive power of the Red Devils, who once again were among the top scoring teams in the league. MX League in the regular phase and now they seek to qualify for the quarterfinals of the League. His good scoring percentage has a lot to do with the good performances of Rubens Sambueza and Alexis Canelo, two footballers who already have a history scoring goals.

Since both played with the Choriceros jersey, they have become the nightmare of the auriazul defense. It is that both have managed to score three goals, as well as assist teammates who have ended up scoring important goals. However, the goals are not unidirectional, because Cougars it also has its own.

In the three games that Juan Ignacio Dinenno With the auriazul shirt against Toluca, he has scored three important goals. The first two goals came in the duel that ended 3-2 at Guardianes 2021 and with his double he gave the victory to Auriazules. The third goal was during this tournament, although it was not enough to prevent his team from falling into Nemesio Díez.

Sunday will be a new opportunity for these three scorers to meet face to face once again and show who is in a better moment. Of the three, the only one in doubt at the moment is Alexis Canelo, who has been suffering some physical discomfort that would prevent him from playing.


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