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  • Mazda’s new Europe-bound SUV just leaked
  • Its aesthetics have certain similarities with the recently presented Mazda CX-50
  • It will arrive with new mechanics of six cylinders in line

    For a few months we have known that one of Mazda’s global objectives is to expand your product line, specifically the SUV family, with a series of models that will be distributed across the different continents. Yesterday it was the turn of the CX-50, that is, an exclusive product for the US market, but what we did not expect was that its European counterpart would be discovered so soon, although of course, it was not the brand itself. the one in charge of revealing the appearance of Mazda CX-60.

    Hunted without camouflage

    That job corresponds to the Instagram profile kurdistan_automotive_blog, an account that has echoed what appears to be a production for advertising purposes organized by Mazda, so that the cameras of the witnesses who passed through the area were able to photograph a couple of CX-60s in action. The photoshoot makes it clear that the white specimen corresponds to this denomination, as it is reflected by its license plate, while the red unit, despite not having any identification plate, is easily recognizable.

    The latter could correspond to some type of more performance version as it sports a series of black details that replace the chrome his brother’s. Thus, we can see the grill, the rear-view mirrors and the window frames of dark color, which could indicate that this Mazda CX-60 hides under its hood a turbocharged engine of higher performance. It is also possible that this example simply corresponds to some type of aesthetic package, so that the mechanics are identical in both cases.

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    In any case, the specimens that we have in images cannot hide their resemblance to the recently presented CX-50, although it is true that there are clear differences in their designs. We know that the CX-60 will be narrowerAnd that’s evident at the front, where the European model sports a taller grille. The headlights also look somewhat more stylized and the bumper has different shapes, although it also has a kind of air inlets on the sides and a grille at the bottom.

    Perhaps, what is most striking when it comes to differentiating both models are the wheel arches, since the CX-60 resorts to a solution, let’s say more civilized, renouncing the muscular forms that a CX-50 exhibits with a clear adventurous orientation. In addition, these are painted in the same color as the body. From the rear view we do not have any photography, although everything indicates that it will also have certain similarities with that of the SUV destined for the United States.

    Features of the Mazda CX-60

    Both the Mazda CX-60 and the CX-80 will be accompanied by the new generation of Skyactiv-X and Skyactiv-D inline six-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines, along with a four-cylinder engine – provoked ignition – as part of a plug-in hybrid configuration that will account for much of the sales. The brand intends to sell the largest blocks with a mild hybrid system in Europe, while, in Japan, it will offer its SUVs with an inline six-cylinder diesel mechanics equipped with mild-hybrid technology, together with a hybrid configuration. diesel-electric

    The SUV in the photos will be one of new SUVs that the automaker will introduce in the coming months. However, it will not be sold everywhere. The CX-50 we have already said that it is an exclusive model of the United States, while the two-row CX-60 and the three-row CX-80 will be destined for Europe, Japan and other markets. Since Mazda is already doing photo shoots like this, we hope that the CX-60 presentation is just around the corner.

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