A 17-year-old girl died in a gym after finishing her exercise routine

A 17-year-old girl died in a gym after finishing his routine of training.

Witnesses point out that Anaís Valencia fainted when she finished using the treadmill and hit her head on an iron tray in the gym.

Upon realizing what happened, users The gym tried to revive her for several minutes, however, the 17-year-old teenager died at the scene.

The events were recorded within a Gym of the chain Smartfit located in the Villa Alemana commune, Valparaíso region, Chile.

Gym (Tina Zupancic / Getty Images / iStockphoto)

17-year-old who died inside a gym had only been training for a few days

Users of the Gym where a 17-year-old girl died, they point out that she did not have much to have registered.

However, apparently his trainers at the gym did not put a improper routine for his age and physical characteristics.

According to the corresponding authorities, a Samu ambulance from the Peñablanca Hospital.

Gym (Pixabay)

However, she requested another emergency vehicle due to the complexity of the event that occurred in the gym.

The 17-year-old was reported to have died after completing a series of treadmill exercises and the efforts provided during and after could not have resuscitated her.

The final opinion indicates that Anaís Valencia, the 17-year-old girl, died inside the gym because she suffered a heart attack.

Family of young man who died in gym will take legal action against SmartFit

Before various media, the The family of the 17-year-old who died in a gym stated that Smartfit It did not have paramedics who could attend to these types of emergencies.

In addition, the family also questions the condition and maintenance of the sports equipment, as well as the attention that the trainers offer to the users of the gym.

Defibrator (Renewer / Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Anaís Valencia’s family said that the gym had a defibrillator -Electronic device that restores the heart rate- however, no worker knew how to use it.

On the other hand, Anaís Valencia’s sister commented that the two joined the gym at the same time and had only been training for a few days.

“They gave each of us an exercise routine, and they gave her 25 minutes of treadmill. She is a young woman, 17 years old who measures 1.48 and weighs 84 kilos “

Sister of the 17-year-old

However, she noticed that her sister’s routine at the gym was heavier than hers.

Following the death of Anaís Valencia, her family will seek to take legal action against the gym and the SmartFit chain.

The Villa Alemana prosecutor’s office has already started the corresponding investigations.

“It is not fair for other families to go through this. You have the confidence to go to a gym and there is not a person who is asking you if you feel good, especially if they are new “

Mom of the 17-year-old


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