The conclusions of Formula 1 after the Brazilian GP

Great comeback for Lewis Hamilton, powered by a powerful Mercedes engine; Red Bull contained the damage as Ferrari consolidates its position in F1

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Alfa Romeo

Raikkonen miscalculated in an attack on Alonso and Giovinazzi and ended up against his teammate in sprint qualifying. Kimi had to start last because they had to modify his car and break the Parc Ferme protocol. They did what they could, but they still can’t get into the point zone. – Victor Manuel Macín


We return to the same history of Mexico. Pierre Gasly with another solid weekend, while Yuki Tsunoda returns to pay the plates for rookie mistakes. They are in for a chance to finish in the Top 5 of the constructors’ championship for the first time against an Alpine that has stalled in its evolution. However, they need the Japanese to be more or less on par with their teammate. Sebastian Aceves


The French team experienced an intense battle in the search for points in Interlagos, but in the end Fernando Alonzo and Esteban Ocon managed to finish within the top10. The Asturian had some interesting duels and achieved a good performance starting in 12th place and finishing ninth, while Esteban Ocon could not do much against the teams with better engines and ended up accepting his seventh place. Ricardo Cariño

Aston martin

Aston Martin lost a streak of three consecutive races scoring points, this is the seventh Grand Prix that go blank to accentuate the decline of the team as the season has progressed. In fact, in the entire season, only once have Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll scored points. This is how irregular the Aston Martin year has been and by now there is little room for improvement ..– Erick Cervantes Roon



With three races to go, the British driver achieved an important victory that reduced his gap for the Drivers’ Championship, to 14 points with the Dutch.


For whatever reasons – some will say McLaren’s ‘bad luck’ plays a role – they are F1’s third force. 1. For pilots, who are in great moment; 2. The car held while Ricciardo had to abandon; 3. Speed. The car behaved very well and even Carlos Sainz Jr. had the luxury of containing Checo Pérez in the Sprint race, taking a laurel crown and finishing third. Victor Manuel Macín


The season will soon be over. We’ll know then if this long, tedious, even horrible 2021 pays off with a better 2022, since all your work and money is focused on the new car. For the pilots it was more mileage at hand. Victor Manuel Macín


The bad luck of the team seems to have no end. They had a good sprint race with Lando Norris in sixth place and Daniel Ricciardo in eleventh place. However, in the race things simply did not work out, as the young Englishman had a little touch with Carlos Sainz, so he had to pit on the first lap and come back last, while Ricciardo was not able to finish. the race. In the end those of Woking took a single point and with a lost course they stopped fighting for third place in the constructors’ championship against Ferrari. Ricardo Cariño



With three races to go, the British driver achieved an important victory that reduced his gap for the Drivers’ Championship, to 14 points with the Dutch.


It was a round weekend for Mercedes, taking a double podium victory for Lewis Hamilton that drives the team away in the constructors ‘championship and puts the drivers’ championship red hot with Max Verstappen’s lead over Hamilton shrinking again. However, a question remains, will this improvement in the engine be enough to compete in the last three races or were they rushed to do so? – Erick Cervantes Roon

Red bull

The problem is not yesterday’s defeat against the Mercedes, but what will happen to their power units. Checo Pérez changed the engine in the Netherlands and Max Verstappen did the same in Russia. It looks complicated that they last until the end of the season. And if the situation were more delicate, they will have to face it with a heavy penalty where they will possibly start at the bottom of the grid. Nothing to reproach their pilots, they did what they could against the superiority of Hamilton and Bottas although Interlagos is a great wake-up call for Red Bull. There are two Grand Prixes that are completely unknown in Formula 1. Will they be conservative or will they take risks? – Sebastian Aceves


The British team leaves the American continent without pain or glory. Together with Haas they always finished at the back of the grid with terrible race pace. There may be a slight improvement in the Middle East, but both Russell and Latifi want to end the ordeal of this season. – Sebastian Aceves


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