Oswaldo Sánchez revealed that Memo Ochoa has not spoken to him since 2010

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Guillermo Ochoa and Oswaldo Sanchez, two of the best goalkeepers in the history of Mexican soccer, are estranged and have not spoken to each other since 2010 when Oswaldo pretended that he was going to enter the field of play in a match between the Mexican team and North Korea to replace Memo.

That time, Ochoa made a mistake in the shot of a rival and the camera focused on the moment when Oswaldo, located in a box, threatened that he was going to jump to the pitch of the TSM to become the goalkeeper.

I didn’t know that the camera was taking me and I was with Chato Rodríguez, with Gordo Becerra, Pelón Carlos Ochoa, who got along well with them in Santos. The box next to it belonged to Matías Vuoso, there was Cloroformo Padilla and Salvador Mariscal, soccer and boxing people. We were with the total party in Torreón because the National Team had never gone to play and they say to me: A little bit you don’t want to get into it? Are you wrong or not? ”, Oswaldo told TUDN on YouTube.

“I tell him, ‘they pull him from the outside, I think he moved.’ I’m debating with him, he would separate a glass part from us, and he says, ‘Doesn’t it make you want to get in?’ and I say yes and It occurs to me to do this with the jacket, but I ‘sucking’ (sorry for the expression) and there he takes the camera and they say ‘Oswaldo makes fun of Memo‘”.

Oswaldo did not want to mock

The now television commentator affirms that they were good friends and wanted to clarify that it was never his intention to do something that could seem like a joke.

“Memo I don’t have the need to make fun of you nor would he ever do it because we were colleagues by profession and somehow he broke the relationship with Memo and I because perhaps he believed that I made fun of him and I cannot make fun of a partner neither then nor now nor ever. I wanted to clarify it because many people have asked me ”, he commented.

“We were good friends, we got along well, we were co-workers and I respect their part. If he believed otherwise, he is respectable. I love that he does well. I looked for him indirectly with a mutual friend and it seems that he did not believe her, so the truth is I have no quarrel, I continue to respect him because of his hierarchy ”.


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