Nissan GT-R is in development, it would be a powerful hybrid

What the future holds for super sports car Nissan GTR It is a discussion that has been going on for 2 years now, but the uncertainty gradually settles around this legend of Japanese motorsport

All automotive companies are working with strategies to implement electrical systems in their products, which is the trend in the near future and there are no elements to rule out that this will involve the Nissan GTR at some point. There is talk that the heir to the iconic Godzilla will be driven with a hybrid system.

This conclusion is obtained from an interview with Makoto Uchida, CEO of the firm who revealed that this powerful model is already being developed and anticipated some details of the plans that the company is working on in this regard.

Electrified model with deep changes

This car coupe with his mighty V6 engine It is unmistakable and has been on the market for 14 years now with regular discreet changes, but without any particularly radical modifications despite the wide variety of special editions it has to its credit.

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Finally, a fundamental step in its evolution is yet to be taken with the new generation that is expected to arrive with a redesigned platform and the integration of an electrified system for this long-awaited model.

How to make it electrified has been the task of the Nissan developers and in contrast to the Nissan z that is designed on a pre-existing platform – from 370Z– This Nissan GTR is built on a completely renovated architecture and is on a mission to become the R36 fastest in the world.

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It sounds ambitious, and it is, but Uchida believes that it is not impossible and they have work to do to make it the fastest in its category and integrate a good dose of advanced technology without that necessarily being synonymous with making it an electric vehicle.

More details on technical aspects have not been confirmed yet by Nissan, so the theory with the greatest force is the one that points to a hybrid engine that takes the best of the famous V6 biturbo and complement it with a powerful motor electric to give him the power that his renown demands of him.

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