Holistic well-being and a healthy life is the new commitment of the GroWin company

One of the great challenges facing the world today is undoubtedly health and well-being. One of the essential issues of life and that the UN has highlighted as the third goal of sustainable development.

Faced with the evident health crisis, education and knowledge on health and well-being are of vital importance for the population so that the impact of the pandemic can be drastically minimized. This is why the definition of holistic well-being arises: GroWin.

This initiative includes more than 50 courses and practices that allow people and companies to build in an integral way in the process of changing habits, to improve lifestyles and generate awareness of well-being. GroWin is an ecosystem specialized in holistic wellness for those who seek lifelong learning, a transformative tool to meet goals and reach their full potential.

“We want to impact through education and technology, the largest number of people in Colombia and the world, with or without disease conditions (NCDs), generating awareness in the population of the importance of knowing their physical, mental and social states to balance and integrate new daily practices that allow them to obtain positive results that improve their quality of life ”, said Laura Herrera, CEO of GroWin.


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