Dani Alves cannot play for Barcelona until 2022

Dani alves
officially became a new player of the Barcelona. The Brazilian, at 38 years old, will return to the club where he won everything to try to return them to the important places of The Spanish league and also of European football.

Being a free player, the Barcelona did not have to pay anything for the signing of Dani alves and seeing the economic situation, taking into account the budget you have Xavi Hernandez to sign, it was a great hire for Joan Laporta.

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Why can’t Dani Alves play until 2022?

The records of The Spanish league they already closed, so Dani alves he could not be included until the winter transfer market opens. Nor will they be able to register it in place of Sergio Omen, who due to heart problems has caused a loss with the Catalans.

The ‘Kun‘is in a treatment that will leave him out for at least three months, but the Barcelona will not be able to enroll Alves for a long-term absence, because for those cases, only players arriving from other teams can be registered The Spanish league.

The return of Dani Alves to Barcelona

Dani alves and Xavi Hernandez shared team of 2008 to 2015. The Spaniard went to Al-sadd, while the Brazilian emigrated to Italy to play with the Juventus. Six years later, they will share a dressing room again.



For Alves it could be your last club. He went to Italy and he was champion. He went to France and he was champion. In the Olympic games Tokyo 2020, he managed to be crowned champion, adding the gold medal to his enormous record.

This is how the debut of Dani alves with the Barcelona It could be until January 2 when they face the Majorca. Then they will face the grenade and later to Real Madrid, in the semifinal of the Spain Supercup.

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