Tuca Ferretti apologizes for controversial comments to reporters

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The technical director of the Braves of Juarez, Ricardo the Tuca Ferretti, met the criticism and possible sanction received after the comments made at the press conference after the matchday 17 game against the Tigres at the University Stadium.


The Brazilian-born strategist began the press conference by asking if “Aren’t there old women?”, alluding to the fact that, by tradition, he always gives the word to female reporters first, when he did not receive a response, he questioned whether those present were then “pure fags, who will be the first fag? (in taking the floor) ”.

The above quickly circulated in networks and the critics did not wait.


In an interview with David faitelson, Ricardo Ferretti offered a Sorry to those who have felt offended for the words said in the Tigers’ press room, assuring that it was never his intention to offend and that only it was one of his classic jokes, although he understands that times are different and now what seemed normal before, today can cause discomfort.

“I want to interpret that maybe the jokes that I used to tell and now I tell, or the things that I said before and now I say, are no longer valid. It was not my intention and if at any given moment, someone felt, I apologize, “said the technician.

The strategist announced that will take care of the forms and their words from now on when you are in an interview, especially in Monterrey.

“It was inappropriate, I will be more careful when I go next time to an interview in Monterrey, be more careful with this, maybe jokes are no longer valid today, certain comments, I will have to be more careful, because naturally people are offended and this is my responsibility for the words and the institutions that I represent ”, he concluded.


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