Aminata Diallo arrested for hitting Kheira Hamraoui

The player from PSG Aminata Diallo She is suspicious because of the ambush her partner suffered Kheira Hamraoui with whom you compete for a position.

The controversy surrounds the Paris saint germain Female after the soccer player, Aminata Diallo, was arrested for being suspected of the attack that her teammate and selection received, Kheira Hamraoui.

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On November 4, the footballer returned from a dinner organized by the Parisian team and was ambushed. Hamraoui was in the car of her partner Diallo and was attacked by two men who attacked her with an iron bar, according to French media.

The players were near the home of Kheira; However, she was treated by the medical services, who transferred her to a hospital where they stitched up wounds on her legs and hands.

Aminata Diallo was arrested

This Wednesday it was announced that Aminata Diallo She was arrested and placed at the disposal of the authorities in Paris because she was a suspect and had a possible relationship with her partner’s assailants.

Aminata Diallo, 26, is a midfielder and French national team, while her partner, Hamraoui, 31, and a former Barcelona Women’s footballer, was fighting for a position in the same position in both her club and the national team.

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Aminata was a starter in the last duel of the PSG in the current Women’s European Champions League, meeting where they defeated Real Madrid, upon her return and at her home she was received by members of the Versailles judicial police.

Around 10:30 p.m., near her house, while she was still in the car, driven by Aminata Diallo, she saw two strangers appear, with their faces masked by ski masks … One of the two men would have managed to get her out of the vehicle, before physically assault her.

Armed with an iron bar, the attacker allegedly hit Kheira Hamraoui several times in the legs. This attack would have lasted a few minutes, before the two attackers fledā€¯Informed the newspaper L Equipe a relative of Hamraoui.


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