Televisa: After controversial divorce, ‘Zague’ faces the press and destroys Paola Rojas?

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Mexico City.- A few hours ago the controversial ex-footballer Luis Roberto Alves dos Santos, better known as ‘Zague’, was caught by various reporters who questioned him about the scandal of his intimate video and for his separation from the beautiful conductor of Televisa Paola Rojas.

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The Mexican journalist from 44 years confessed in a broadcast of Divine Net that she experienced a real ordeal when the sexual recording of her then husband was leaked and she assured that it was a “massive humiliation”. He explained that his children stopped going out on the streets for months to prevent them from finding out about the scandal.

A few hours ago the former soccer player from America was caught at the Mexico City Airport and the press immediately questioned him about his separation from Paola, however, he did not want to speak and only limited himself to saying:

Nothing, all good, “said the commentator of TV Azteca Sports.

‘Zague’ at no time stopped his march and ignored all the questions they made him, as if he had agreed with Rojas not to talk about his marriage in public. But when one of the reporters asked him if he was in a bad mood, he replied:

No, no, not at all annoying, “said the acclaimed athlete.

Remember that a Colombian model He also came out to declare that he had had a daughter with ‘Zague’ while he was still married after meeting him in Carmen beach.

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