Canelo Álvarez: so the KO to Caleb Plant in slow motion VIDEO

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Saul Alvarez He came out again with his fist raised after beat Caleb Plant last weekend, but as often happens in their fights, many have begun to question whether their victory was real or staged. And it is that in social networks a video was spread where Canelo is seen to deliver a blow that does not connect the American and this one supposedly goes to the canvas, raising suspicions.

Nevertheless, said video was cut without really seeing if Caleb Plant ended up on the mat after the failed attempt of the Canelo, but still, many take for granted that it happened; However, it should be emphasized that said action does not correspond to the moment that the tapatío knocks out the AmericanIt is simply another moment in the contest.

How did the knockout actually happen?

At the insistence of some to demerit the triumph of Canelo Alvarez upon Caleb Plant, another video was released on social networks, where you can see in slow motion the impacts that brought the American to the canvas, in all of them you can appreciate the force and forcefulness of the punch of the Mexican.

In the clip you can see how the Canelo manages to put the left hook on Caleb Plant, who is shaken in an ugly way, but not only that, but the tapatío continues with the punishment by connecting an uppercut that ends up sending the American to the canvas in the eleventh round.

Plant He still managed to get up from that punishment, but could not stand a second attack from Canelo Álvarez, who ended up knocking out their rival and with it consecrate himself as the first boxer to unify the four scepters in the division of supermedians.


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