Verstappen, after winning in Mexico: “The World Cup looks good”

Max leaves Mexico with 19 points of advantage over Hamilton

Braking as late as possible in the first corner was the key to victory

Max Verstappen has been optimistic for the championship, because with this Sunday’s victory in Mexico he already takes 19 points from Lewis Hamilton. The key to his career has been at the start and braking as late as possible at the first stop. That has allowed him to take the lead and ride unrivaled to the checkered flag.

Verstappen started from third position and said yesterday that it was much better than starting second. The one from the Netherlands came parallel to the first corner with the two Mercedes, but he braked much later than them and that allowed him to take the lead. From there, Max has been able to build his own career and has just had to keep up.

I had to try to brake as late as possible. I have gone from third to first and I have been able to focus on myself and my rhythm, “he said as he got out of the car.

Max has achieved his ninth victory of the season this Sunday and has taken seven more points from Hamilton, increasing his advantage in the championship to 19 points. That gives wings to the title, although Verstappen insists that it should not be trusted.

“There is still a lot to do. It paints well, but it can also change quickly. “, has added.

Red Bull was unable to close the weekend with a double as Sergio Pérez failed to overtake Hamilton. However, those from Milton Keynes have fallen just one point behind Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship.

Max, who has been very aware of his teammate’s career, has also been grateful for the warmth that the Mexican fans have shown him throughout the weekend. At the end of the race, the Red Bull team had a lot to celebrate at the Foro Sol. In addition, Verstappen has achieved a new milestone in his career: he has become the most successful driver in Mexico, with three victories.

“It is incredible to have ‘Checo’ as a teammate in Mexico. Whenever we have come here the fans have been great, they love Formula 1 and I love being here,” he said to close.

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