The Guardians who want Gabriela to leave?

Guardians face a strong controversy with the arrival of Gabriela, as it has not been able to adapt in the best way and that has been reflected in its performance.

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This situation has affected the results of the team, so that several of her teammates no longer want her with them, which has also caused divided opinions among the Guardians and Pathfinders.

Gaby’s entrance was very shocking to all of us. This is a team and individual competition, so no one is going to come up to tell you where you are failing. You have to adapt to the team, because you are the new one

Were the words of Paulina, who is one of the most dissatisfied with her attitude and performance. For its part, Tony He also expressed his opinion on the situation they face.

We have been open to being able to make a friendship, although there have been comments that we have not liked at all. Personally, there are two that I have very present, one was that he told us that we are the worst team that has ever existed in the Reds

Gaby He is not afraid to accept the words he has said and why his teammates currently do not feel so comfortable with his presence in the team of the Guardians.

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At some point I mentioned them, I remember that we were in the truck and I told them that it is not the strongest red team, but definitely and from my point of view, it is the most resilient red team that we have seen. They tell me things, but they don’t do something extra to be able to add


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