Pumas qualify for the repechage; defeats Cruz Azul 4-3

Spectacular, vibrant and exciting was the duel between Pumas and Cruz Azul, which we lived on the edge of the armchair and with our nerves on edge.

Pumas entered the playoffs after defeating Cruz Azul in an incredible but not unprecedented somersault 4-3 to which the ghosts of those quarterfinals in which the university students eliminated the celestial ones reappeared.

The felines finished the first half with an adverse score of 1-3 with a triplet by Roberto Alvarado (11 ‘, 19’ and 42 ‘). The only goal from the university students was the work of the Palermo Ortiz at minute 6.

For the complement, blue auria revived by the hand of Hamburger king, Diogo de Oliveira, who was dispatched with a double (61 ‘and 83’), while Favio Álvarez scored at 46 ‘.

With this spectacular comeback, Pumas entered the playoffs, where they will face Toluca, While Blue Cross will face Monterrey in a duel that will be behind closed doors at the Azteca stadium.


Tomorrow did not exist for Pumas, so He jumped onto the field of the University Olympian ready to kill or be killed, so the box Andres Lillini he turned to the front in search of opening the scoreboard. The intensity and hunger of the cats to win and get into the playoffs paid off very quickly.

The Palermo Ortíz was the culprit of causing an eruption of happiness in CU, which was accompanied by a tremendous shout of gooooo! Which shook the foundations of Olímpico Universitario. After a corner kick, the defender of blue auria appeared completely alone in the Cruz Azul area and put a deadly headbutt to subdue Chuy Crown, who only became one more spectator of the euphoric university celebration, who seemed to throw his ticket to the repechage in the bag.

The bench of the blue auria he began to settle down again after the celebration when the sky blue diluted the joy of Pumas.

Roberto Alvarado found a rejection of the feline rear and he hit a powerful cross shot that embedded itself in the left angle of the goal by Alfredo Talavera, who expressed his discontent at the warm mark of his teammates within his own area.

After this goal, the cats drew their claws and tried to violate Corona’s arc again, but the cement behind was planted very solid in the background avoiding depth in Lillini’s team, who is his desire to take advantage again left spaces in the bottom, which Cruz Azul took advantage of to mark the second of the afternoon.

In a off-hook, the Baby Giménez took a shot that he rejected Talaverto. The rebound made the ball rise over the auriazul area. Jerónimo Rodríguez waited motionless for the ball to fall to him to reject with his head, but the Louse Alvarado came from behind the defender to send the ball to the bottom of the feline goal and sign his double.

Despite getting down on the scoreboard, Pumas did not lower his arms and tried everywhere to reach the celestial archbut nothing they did was possible to embarrass Chuy Crown.

It seemed that the first half would culminate with a 1-2 in favor of Machine, but the auriazul rear was totally misplaced, let the Shaggy Martínez on the baseline from where he took a diagonal, which Roberto Alvarado arrived alone and his soul to sign his hat-trick and go to rest with the happiness of catapulting La Maquina to fifth place in the general table.


It seemed that the three goals of the Louse Alvarado had buried Pumas, but after Marco Antonio Ortiz’s whistle, the blue auria They showed grit, courage and the college spirit they had forgotten about and cut the score.

After a hairstyle by Juan Ignacio Dinenno, Favio Álvarez showed his quality and shot a volley from the edge of the area to send the ball to the back of the goal cement maker, great goal for the feline ’10’ and thus rekindle hopes, as he lacked two goals to get into the playoffs.

The feline scoring increased the decibels of the match to such a degree that both teams gave us a great game.

Yoshimar Yotún had the chance to mark the fourth for the cement workers. The Peruvian entered the area alone and when facing Talavera hit the ball, which crashed into the post. Immediately afterwards Pumas answered, but after a series of rebounds Rafa Baca saved the celestial ones on the line.

The university students became the owner and master of the meeting and knocked on the door of Chuy Crown, who lived with nervousness, because the ghosts seemed to appear again to the cement workers.

The auriazul comeback came from the hand of Diogo de Oliveira. The Brazilian striker appeared behind a Dinenno center to hit the ball with rancor and pierce the celestial nets and tie the score, turning the Olympic University into a madhouse.

With the 3-3, the meeting became a sway of emotions, as both Pumas and Cruz Azul had options to break the parity. Paserinni stood alone in front of Talavera and took a powerful shot that the university goalkeeper sent from a corner kick, while Corozo also had the chance, but Corona saved La Maquina with his face, as the Ecuadorian’s shot crashed the ball into the goalkeeper cement maker.

The final minutes were frenetic, until the ‘King of the hamburger’ appeared, Diogo de Oliveira gave the university the victory, because after a series of rebounds, the Brazilian ordered to keep the ball at the bottom of the frame and make the dream come true college to get into the playoffs.



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