Mercedes, leader only thanks to Bottas’ fast lap

The Finn made up to two extra stops to steal Verstappen’s fastest lap

Point to Limbo: Bottas finishes outside the Top 10

If we have learned anything this year, it is that any point will be essential for the battle for the World Cup. The extra point of the fastest lap is finally being decisive, and the Mexican GP could be good proof of this.

After the surprise of Mercedes yesterday, Red Bull, precisely Max Verstappen, reversed the situation at the start, and showed a devilish pace, which Hamilton could not match. Mercedes was at a disadvantage after Bottas’ spin at the start, and even the second position of the Briton was in danger after the good strategy with Checo Pérez.

Verstappen was able to achieve the fastest lap of the race with his great pace, and had great options to escape even more, but Mercedes wanted to play the trick of Bottas by not being able to use Hamilton, who had Perez stuck in his hump. The point would go to limbo, but not for Verstappen, in the middle of a fight with Ricciardo, whom he could not pass throughout the race, and after a horrific stop of 11 seconds, he was out of any option of points and to get that extra point.

But sometimes subtracting matters more than adding, and this was the right time. Near the end of the race, Bottas was called to the pits to put the soft on, but he failed on his first attempt. Verstappen was going to double it, and lost his best chance at the time. From lost to the river: out of points and with no options to come back, it was time for another pit stop.

Another game of soft, and another attempt, this time without being bent. There were two rounds left. Verstappen crossed the finish line in first position, and from the wall they congratulated him for the extra point. Sell ​​the bear’s skin before hunting it… Bottas crossed the finish line at the last minute to take the fastest lap: 1: 17.774, a track record, and one point less for Verstappen. With four rounds to go, all points are essential.

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