Association of specialists in family medicine arises in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Association of Residents and Family Medicine Specialists from Los Mochis (AREMFAMM) emerged to bring continuous medical training to first-level doctors in hospitals in northern Sinaloa and southern Sonora.

Ramón Alberto Peñuelas Félix, president of this civil association, reported that everything arose at the initiative of family doctors, Family Medical Unit 37 of the IMSS, but that they are open to the integration of more doctors specializing in family medicine from other institutions.

“However, we are open to the possibility of adding family medicine specialists who are working in the public sphere or in other institutions.”

The family doctor assigned to the UMF 37 of the IMSS of Los Mochis stated that the main objective is the affiliation with the Mexican Federation of Specialists and Residents in Family Medicine, which is the highest rector at the national level speaking in the field of family medicine.

“The idea is the constant training and education of our family medicine specialists to provide quality care at the first level of care.”


For her part, Reyna Michelle Mexía Beltrán, vice president of this civil association, mentioned that the purpose is to carry out the certification and recertification before the Mexican Council of Family Medicine.

“We extend the invitation to all family medicine specialists who want to join our association, they are cordially invited.”

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He explained that they will meet on the first Saturday of each month at the Canacintra Los Mochis facilities. “And in turn, some activities will be carried out starting next year that we will be informing you about.”

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