Today’s Matches: Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-3 Cruz Azul | Min. 45 + 2 | WE COME TO REST! The first half is over, Roberto Alvarado is leaving the Pumas without the dream of the repechage.

Pumas 1-3 Cruz Azul | Min. 45 + 1 | Giménez header that goes over the goal. The center came from the right, we entered the end of the first part.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-3 Cruz Azul | Min. 43 | GOOOOOOOOL, ALVARADO’S THIRD !! Rivero puts a brilliant change of game for Shaggy, who in the first instance sees his service covered but in the second he puts a thuggish diagonal that the Louse only has to push. Triplet for Alvarado, who lives his best afternoon.

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 39 | Encontronazo between Corona and Cata. The goalkeeper moves away with his fist, in inertia he collides with his partner. The situation does not go to major after the game is stopped for a few seconds.

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 36 | CLOSE TO ALVARADO DEL TERCERO! Corner kick from the left, Santiago Giménez extends his head and El Piojo throws himself with popcorn to complement the action. The ball goes off the side of the post.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 34 | The first yellow card of the match arrives, it is for Jerónimo Rodríguez for a foul on Orbelín Pineda in midfield. The celestial player was already running away at speed on the counter.

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 32 | Appearance of Alan Mozo on the right side, reaches the baseline and hits a center to the far post, away by Shaggy towards the corner.

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 27 | Ortíz decides to try his luck from outside the area. His attempt is not good, the ball goes to the rostrum.

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 25 | Action in the area, they ask for Shaggy’s hand but the referee lets it run. The rebound is left to Favio Álvarez, who flies his shot on the outskirts of the area.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul | Min. 20 | GOOOOOOOOOOL BLUE CROSS !! Roberto Alvarado double, the celestial have turned the scoreboard. Orbelín filters Santiago Giménez, who shoots down from the left. Talavera covers, the ball is adrift and the ‘Piojo’ eats Jerónimo Rodríguez’s back to send it to save head. Tremendous defensive oversight of the university side.

Pumas 1-1 Cruz Azul | Min. 19 | Foul on Rivero in midfield. Little by little, the Machine gets out of the ball, right now it is fifth in the rankings.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-1 Cruz Azul | Min. 12 | GOOOOOOOOL OF CRUZ AZUL, GOAL OF ROBERTO ALVARADO !! The score is tied at CU. Played from the left, Yotún’s center that Ortíz rejects halfway with his head. The ball is left to ‘Piojo’, who controls from the right and without falling defines with a left foot. Start moved in the Olympic.

Pumas 1-0 Cruz Azul | Min. 10 | The university students lose it in the middle of the field. Orbelín Pineda tries to command the counter but cannot find space.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 1-0 Cruz Azul | Min. 5 | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF THE COUGARS !! Arturo Ortíz opens the scoring with an early goal after a corner kick. Collection of a corner from the left, service to the second post where the center-back appears completely alone. Head butt to the bottom of the nets, Orbelín cannot get it out in the line.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: live online the match of day 17 of the Apertura 2021

Pumas 0-0 Cruz Azul | Min. 1 | IT IS ALREADY PLAYED IN UNIVERSITY CITY! The Pumas move, who go with the long pitch looking for the first offensive. The first foul comes in favor of the locals.

5:00 PM | Both teams jump onto the pitch! Greeting from the captains in the traditional protocol of the MX League. There will be a minute of silence in memory of the referee, Néstor Ángeles Rodríguez.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul: forecast for today’s game

4:55 PM | Cruz Azul is slightly favorite about the Pumas. In Caliente MX, the ratio for the cement victory is +155, while the university victory is +200. The best paying result is a tie, with a +220 odds.

MARCA Claro forecast is Pumas 1-2 Cruz Azul.

4:45 PM | We are less than 20 minutes from the kickoff. The Pumas jump to warm up to the field of play, they have two games without knowing the victory and today is just the result they need to get the ticket to the repechage.

4:35 PM | The last time Cruz Azul visited Ciudad Universitaria He took the victory by the minimum (0-1), on matchday 10 of Clausura 2021. The winning goal was the work of Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez, with a penalty at minute 94.

Lineup of the Pumas

4:25 PM | We have lineups! We are going to know the XI of the Pumas: Alfredo Talavera, Alan Mozo, Jerónimo Rodríguez, Nicolás Freire, Arturo Ortíz, Erik Lira, Higor Meritao, Sebastián Saucedo, Leonel López, Favio Álvarez and Juan Ignacio Dinenno.

Cruz Azul lineup

4:20 PM | Now we go with the starting eleven of Cruz Azul: Jesús Corona, Julio César Domínguez, José Joaquín ‘Shaggy’ Martínez, Juan Escobar, Ignacio Rivero, Rafael Baca, Yoshimar Yotún, Walter Montoya, Orbelín Pineda, Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Giménez.

What time is the Pumas match against Cruz Azul and which channel broadcasts it live?

Pumas and Cruz Azul star in one of the most attractive matches of the last date of the Liga MX. Welcome and welcome to the minute by minute of MARCA Claro! My name is Alan Osornio and I will bring you all the details of the game between UNAM and the Machine, which will begin at 5:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time) at the Olympic University.

Fundamental grief in the aspirations of the university students, who need a victory yes or yes to get to playoff positions. The cats march in 15th place in the table with 18 points, if they win they would reach 21, placing themselves in 11th place.

On the other side the celestial arrive as eighths with 23 units. A win would catapult them to fifth position.

The match will start at 5 pm and you can follow it live on TV through TUDN.


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