La Jornada – Supply of oncological medicine will be regularized in January: Reyes Carmona

Acapulco, Gro. The federal deputy for Morena, Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, president of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, promised that in January 2022 the supply of cancer drugs will be regularized.

Interviewed in that port, where he participated in the fourth National Congress Selected Topics of Neurosurgery 2021, organized by the National College of Neurosurgery, the legislator admitted that there has been a delay in the supply of medicines, and especially in their distribution.

On Friday, a group of relatives of cancer patients once again blocked Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, at the height of the Diana roundabout, to protest the lack of drugs to perform chemotherapy at the State Cancer Institute (Iecan ), which also charge them, a situation that has been repeated in the last two years.

Reyes Carmona expressed that those who participated in the demonstration are within their free rights, and said that “you have to think that behind all these types of demonstrations sometimes there are partisan political overtones, there are people who are enemies of the fourth transformation, which tries to encourage this type of situation ”.

He added that “the adversaries of the fourth transformation are taking advantage of the situation, trying to encourage parents of children with cancer”, to whom he proposed to seek the corresponding channels to make their demands, and recalled that the headquarters of the federal Ministry of Health is located in Acapulco.

The legislator announced that for the state of Guerrero there is a significant increase in health, between 15 or 20 percent compared to the 2021 budget, while for the Institute of Health for Well-being it will open 300 new places for doctors, in addition to Iecan’s budget will increase 25 percent, and he recalled that this institute cares for patients from different states of the Republic, mainly from the south of the country.

He insisted that “the health system will be strengthened for Guerrero and mainly for Acapulco, as it is the largest city.”

On the matter of the acquisition of medicines at the national level, Reyes Carmona clarified that when the consolidated purchase of medicines began, a threat was presented by monopolies, which grouped the sale of medicine, which meant that the government was buying at high prices. costs, and the quality of the drugs was in question.

He stated that “the issue of distribution was not considered, the government has failed, and that implies that the medicine will arrive late, however it is guaranteed, that has been corrected. By 2022, at the beginning of January, it will be regularized ”.

Reyes Carmona recalled that the 2022 expenditure budget is currently being discussed, where a historical budget for the health sector at the national level is planned, of 800 billion pesos, which is equivalent to an increase of 15.1 percent in relation to 2021, which represents 2.9 percent of the Gross Domestic Product, which will be used for health.


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