Despite the pandemic, Oaxaca registers 90 thousand new taxpayers in 2021 and higher collection

Oaxaca de Juárez.- Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, The number of contributors In the state of Oaxaca, it increased by 90,102 compared to the records of 2020, according to the Center for Public Finance Studies of the State Congress.

It is observed that, he says, despite the effects of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus, the actions and strategies to reduce tax evasion and avoidance of state contributions have reflected a positive result, since these increased by 45.04%, as of June 2021, compared to the end of fiscal year 2020.

“In other words, as of June 2021, 90,102 taxpayers joined the tax base with respect to the records of the same month of 2020, having to date in the state registry of taxpayers a figure that amounts to 794,256 contributors. This will undoubtedly be the foundation for the State of Oaxaca to achieve a good collection of its own income during fiscal year 2022 ”.

In addition, it indicates that with respect to the Cedular Tax on Income for the Granting of the Temporary Use or Enjoyment of Real Estate, during the period January to June of fiscal year 2021, the universe of individuals, legal entities and economic units registered in the Register was expanded. State Taxpayers at 1.48%, compared to the close of fiscal year 2020.

In the Tax on Ownership or Use of vehicles and vehicle rights, as a result of the fiscal incentives established during fiscal year 2021, 239 thousand 738 payments of taxes on possession or use of vehicles were received.

This meant an increase with respect to the payments received in the same period from January to June 2020, when 170,914 payments were received for this same tax.

While the Tax on the Provision of Hosting Services, as of June of the 2021 fiscal year, also shows a small increase of 1.49%, compared to the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

Finally, in the Tax on Expenditures for Remuneration to Personal Work, in fiscal year 2021, fiscal incentives were granted regarding this tax and its collection increased by 4.2%, compared to the end of fiscal year 2020.

“The behavior of the taxes that were previously detailed, was of growth during the year 2021, despite all the economic conditions, the taxpayer figures were maintained compared to the year 2020 and in some cases they were increased.”


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