ARAS Business Group ensures that its associates’ capital remains safe

The consulting company in equity placement, ARAS Business Group, publicly clarified and reiterated through an official message that the capital of the associates remains safe and that they are focusing their efforts to solve the delay that has occurred in the last month.

“Your capital is still safe with us, do not have any doubt about that, we only ask for your understanding and support to compensate for the delay we have, this will be fixed and we will do it together and very soon”, mentioned the lawyer René Vargas , official spokesperson for ARAS Business Group.

The message was issued through its official page Facebook, From the ARAS facilities located in Torre Azenzo in the city of Chihuahua, the company sent certainty was in relation to the wave of false accusations that third parties have made against the company.

“We are not bankrupt, we are going through a contingency stage due to several factors that coincided, among them the restructuring of the company’s largest business model, which is the mining sector, and for this we wholeheartedly offer an apology to all our associates and the entire ARAS family for all the inconveniences that this restructuring has caused them ”, commented the lawyer René Vargas.

The lawyer assured that ARAS is aware of the delay in communication, but He stressed that there is a clear plan, a defined strategy to solve and correct as soon as possible all the repercussions that this caused.

He mentioned that the values ​​of the company, such as loyalty and truth, are not a bargaining chip, so it will always be spoken clearly, but above all with all the honesty with which they are characterized.

Likewise, he specified that, based on the current situation of the company, they are focusing their efforts to solve the delay that has occurred in the last month.

“Our associates and collaborators are and will be the most important thing for us, you are our engine for which we work hard with our greatest mission: to continue fulfilling the dreams of those who have trusted us for more than 6 years,” said René Vargas.

“We are infinitely grateful for giving us your vote of confidence, dreams, work and supporting the well-being of your family, we wholeheartedly tell you, not only a server as a spokesperson for the company, but all the force behind ARAS, we are not going to fail, we are not going to fail them, “he said.

“Let’s not trust uninformed sources that only seek to create chaos. Our growth is thanks to you and as long as you are and trust us, we will continue to advance ”, he concluded.

For more information, please contact us at our email, Customer Service Call Center 800 253 2727, WhatsApp: 553-113-3415.

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