Ticket for the Mexican GP was quoted at 15 million pesos

A ticket to the 2021 F1 Mexican Grand Prix was traded up to in 15 million 680 thousand 190 pesos and there was payment facilities up to 12 months, each month of one million 856 thousand 430 pesos, according to what could be seen in a specialized site for reselling tickets for sporting events.

What was its location? The Green Zone of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, entering the main straight, where fans can appreciate everything that happens in the pits of the teams.

The only ticket that was in existence, corresponded to this Saturday, where the third practice and the qualification of the Mexican GP.

For the day of the race, the most expensive ticket was 45 thousand pesos in the Gray Zone.

Currently, there are no longer exhibited tickets on the mentioned site.

On the official page of the Mexican GP, ​​in the Green Zone the most expensive tickets corresponded to:

– The Sky Boxes Main Grandstand 1 area, with a price of 39,375 Mexican pesos.

– They were followed by Main Grandstand 1 and Main Granstand 2, both with a price of 24,800 Mexican pesos.

– The place for people with disabilities cost 1,500.

All these entries they are already sold out.



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