Good End 2021. Screens with up to 13 thousand pesos of difference in sales prices: Profeco

Before buying one screen during the six days that it lasts The Good End 2021 You must compare prices, because there is a difference in prices between stores and store that can range from 500 to 13 thousand pesos, especially in large ones.

The price differences found by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) are even found between branches of the same chain of self-service and department stores.

So it is convenient to access Who’s who in prices? of the Profeco in the electronics section.

For example, an LG 55, Nano 80 SPA screen. 55 inches, LED, USB port, Smart TV, costs in a store in Mexico City 15,439 pesos, while in another self-service the same product costs 28,490 pesos, which makes a price difference of 13 thousand 51 weights on the same screen.

The lowest prices were found in Coppel and Iron Palace, while Mega Soriana gave the highest prices, according to the Profeco.

The Hisense screen, 40H5G, 40 inches. LED, USB port, smart TV, can be found from 6 thousand 499 to 9 thousand 799 pesos, which implies a difference of 3 thousand 300 pesos. The lowest prices were at Coppel and Liverpool, while the most expensive were at La Comer and Sears.

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Of the same brand but with a size of 55 inches, 55A6G, there is a price difference that ranges from 3,000 to more than 6,000 pesos, the cheapest being the one sold by Palacio de Hierro Satellite branch at 9,987, while more expensive options are found at Walmart, Bodega Aurrera, and Sears.

For the LG 55 UP 7500 PSF screen, 55 inches, LED, there is a price range of 12 thousand 999 to 22 thousand 190 pesos, that is, a difference of 10 thousand pesos, in this case the places that offer lower prices They are Elektra, Palacio de Hierro, Salinas y Rocha, Sears, Coppel and Mega Soriana de Coacalco, the most expensive were found in Soriana Cuitláhuac and Mega Soriana de Tacuba in Mexico City.

In the country’s capital, the 55-inch Samsung QN 55QN85AAF, QLED screens can be found at 26,999 pesos and up to 37,999 pesos.

Sony Bravia displays, 55-inch KD-55X720F, LED, are sold between 14,999 and 21,499 pesos.

While a 55-inch screen from the TCL brand, 55s 443MX, can be purchased for 11,499 pesos and up to 15,049 pesos, all according to Who’s who in prices?

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