Cancun opens routes with airlines to Austria and Colombia

The Viva Aerobus airline has released the new international route that will connect the tourist destination of Cancun, Quintana Roo with the capital of Colombia,. The operations of this service They will begin on December 16, maintaining a daily flight, whose tickets began to be marketed this Thursday, November 5, with prices for a single ticket starting at $ 75.

About this presentation, the director of the District Tourism Institute of Bogotá, Karol Fajardo Mariño pointed out that he views the implementation of a new route by Viva Aerobus as very favorable, a Mexican company that he considers an ally in tourism for the Colombian city.

This launch, he detailed, comes a few months after it began to sustain regular flights from the Town from Mexico, with which this new route from Cancun contributes strongly to the tourist reactivation by supporting the South American capital, while supporting its projection as a tourist destination, but also a vacation, business and investment destination on a world scale.

A trip from this airport to Bogotá will last an average of 3.5 hours aboard airplanes with a maximum capacity of 186 passengers, of the model Airbus A3230.

The Latin American country has positioned itself as second among those that projects the most passengers to the state of Quintana Roo, surpassing in this respect those that emits Canada, Brazil, Argentina or the United Kingdom.

These nations had a great weight prior to the pandemic as the countries of origin of a large part of the visitors to the Caribbean in Mexican territory.

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This announcement is seen in perspective with another event shortly before, where the reactivation of the route Vienna-Cancun after 20 years without service between the capital of Austria and the Mexican airport.

The Austrian Airlines company is in charge of providing this service, as announced on October 31, and will have two flights a week to connect both destinations.

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This resumption of the route is due to the fact that Cancun enjoys a high popularity among tourists in Europe, which in addition to being favored with a direct trip from Austria, which opens the door to travelers from the region, strengthens the presence of Lufthansa Group in the national territory.

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